Mohonk hike: from the AMC Web site.
I'm thrilled with the coverage NY1's Travels with Val gave to the Appalachian Mountain Club's house on Fire Island.
I'm the chairman of the group's PR committee.
If you're not already a member, consider joining this great group. They sponsor hiking, paddling, biking, and that great place on Fire Island.



08/10/2013 9:27pm

He never completed his quest to find the Fountain of Youth; however, he did find a beautiful group of Islands inhabited by the friendly Caloosa Indians. The unspoiled natural beauty still shows evidence of the indigenous people's lifestyle.


I would like to join group as i am interested in Hiking.I would like to go to forest terrain of Otis Pike.

12/03/2013 12:56pm

Found your site from another blog and wanted to see where I could find more info


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