We don't eat Pizza Hut pizza here in NYC. But this is a great little graphic.
Join Joe Lstiburek and John Straube for two very educational and in-depth building science lectures.
Day 1- Materials- What works and what doesn't , by Dr. John Straube

Day 2- Air Tightness, Compartmentalization and Ventilation, by Dr. Joseph Lstiburek

Guaranteed insight, knowledge and entertainment. Sponsored by the New York AIA Building Enclosure Council.
Looking at this photo is almost painful. How can anyone do such a bad job? Weren't the owners furious? What happened? (Well I have a pretty good idea, but won't go on about it.)

My latest column for the Three Tomatoes involved an exploration of NYC office building lobbies. My very favorite is the French Building lobby, 45th and Fifth. It is a jewel box filled with sapphire blues and golds. 

I don't normally like motivational speakers, books, tapes, or anything that smacks of a formula for achieving riches. The only exception to that is Dale Carnegie's book, How to Win Friends and Influence People, which I consider about the best book ever written.
The great thing about this book is it is not about how to sell or achieve wealth or become successful, but how to live your life ethically and with kindness. When you disagree with someone, Carnegie advises you to say, "Well I may be wrong." And you very well may be! When a clerk is nasty to you, Carnegie advises empathy instead of anger.
I've read this book about eight times and I've given copies to my children and my friends. It's time to for me to read it again.